SupplySide China 2018

June 28-30, 2018 • Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China


Capitalizing on China’s Ingredients market Position your portfolio to capture opportunities @ SupplySide China 2018

China’s the 21st century’s economic success story. It’s one of the biggest cogs keeping the wheels of the global economy turning. Given its significance, it’s more important than ever to have China on your watchlist.

As disposable income and health awareness in China is rising, eating and consumer behaviors are changing as well. Ingredients are therefore of more and more important in the Chinese market. According to Nielsen’s Global Health and Ingredient-Sentiment Survey, the satisfaction rate about the supply of healthy food counts only 40 percent. Though, 79 per cent show a greater interest in ingredients. Moreover, 82 percent would accept higher prices for food and drinks to avoid unwelcome ingredients such as food additives, antibiotics in animal products, sweeteners or genetically modified organisms. Chinese consumers’ preferences are increasing towards natural, organic and low-calorie products with regards to fat, carbohydrate, sodium and sugar. Chinese consumers also appreciate packaging and labeling which is showing transparency about the origin of goods, according to the survey.

SupplySide China 2018 will be held in Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex on 28 – 30 June, 2018, Guangzhou, focus on ingredients and relevant technologies, services and solutions.

In SupplySide China 2018, high-end conference and workshops will provide insight into the international and Chinese industry trends and advanced technology. Relevant laws and regulations will be detailed interpretation. You could also obtain relevant authentication by attending training courses. What’s more, SupplySide China 2018 provides a comprehensive market promotion ensuring maximum exposure for your business. This high caliber event provides exhibitors and their companies from the industry with an opportunity to stand out to those that matter most.

Furthermore, by co-locating Inter Health Expo and International Food Exhibition China, these two events will bring as well as nutrition health food and healthcare finished products. In this case, visitors could have the opportunity to source health ingredients, natural extracts, nutraceuticals and finished health products and supplements, all in the one place. This is a brand-new trade model which will help you to find more business opportunities in the show! We look forward to helping you understand the Chinese market and keep up with the industry development.

All your business opportunities will be found in this grand show!

To register or learn more, please feel free to contact Mr. Sword Li (0)10 6562 3321 or Mr. James Xiao +86 (0)10 6562 3326.

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