SupplySide China 2018

June 28-30, 2018 • Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China


Food Regulation Consulting Center

During June 28-30 SupplySide China, Informa joins with Antion-Official food regulation consulting organization, setting up a new function zone “Food Regulation Consulting Center”. In the center, exhibitors and professional visitors are able to have access about regulation interpretation, consultation on food regulation problems, etc. Welcome to Food Regulation Consulting Center!

In the Report of the 19th CPC National Congress, it is clearly stated the implementation of the Health China Strategy: improve national health policy, and provide full range & full-cycle health services for the people.

This Strategy has brought unprecedented opportunities for Mass Health Industry; meanwhile, Chinese government also emphasize food companies’ main responsibilities of food safety issues. Furthermore, “social co-governance” is an important part of food safety supervision and management, and food safety issues become more and more eye-catching by consumers and media; the existing of “professional whistleblowers” stands for that food companies have to face the ubiquitous challenge. Therefore, food companies should have better understanding of relevant regulations, follow up regulation updates, improve the compliance system, etc.


In the process of production and management, have you ever encountered such problems?

  • What kinds of products are allowed to be imported to China?
  • What kinds of ingredients are allowed to be used in normal food?
  • How to design a compliance food label?
  • What should be paid attention when advertising?
  • Why “professional whistleblowers” always stare at my products?

If you have encountered the above questions, welcome to “Food Regulation Consulting Center”, the regulation experts from Antion China will provide free on-site consultation service.

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