SupplySide China 2018

June 28-30, 2018 • Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China

Connecting innovative ingredients from China to the world 2017.06.16 Friday

13:30-14:00 Registration 会议报到
14:00-15:00 Liu Xuecong

Secretary General, China Nutrition and Health Food Association
Health Food Ingredients Import & Export Regulations


Mette Knudsen

CEO Knudsen&Co
舒尔茨克努森 CEO
Filing of Health Food in China – New Regulations

Mette Knudsen is managing the CRC, Certification and Regulatory Compliance team at Knudsen&Co, Shanghai. She holds a PhD. in International Trade and Government Regulations. During the last decade, Mette has been involved in more than 200 foreign companies establishment of import into and sales on the Chinese market. Knudsen&Co provides certification solutions within health food, cosmetics, and skin-care product – and offers advice on importation into China.

孔美德女士是舒尔茨克努森(上海)商务咨询有限公司(以下简称“舒尔茨克努森”) CEO, 管理合规和注册认证部门。孔美德女士拥有国际贸易和政府法规的博士学位。在过去十年中,孔美德女士参与了200多家外国公司进口和在华销售体系的建立项目。舒尔茨克努森为保健品、护肤化妆品提供合规和注册认证服务,并提供在华进口的建议服务。

Mark Schaub

Partner, King & Wood Mallesons
Building Your Business in China – Lessons to Learn from Case Studies

在中国经商之道 -行业案例分析
Mark specializes in foreign direct investment, M&A, outbound investment, compliance and intellectual property. He is familiar with China issues faced by companies of all sizes and also the issues Chinese companies face as they go overseas. . He has advised foreign investment projects in a wide variety of sectors with transaction sizes have varied from USD 140,000 to USD 1 billion.

16:30 – 17:00

Jack Wei

General Manager, Informa GE Asia
Official Launch of Supplyside China 2018

Mr. Jack Wei has over 10 years’ experience in exhibitions industry, with a focus on handling outbound sales, as well as organizing exhibitions in China and Asia. In addition, he also spearheads business development and has extensive experience in the life sciences, power, energy, food, health products, building materials, marine, industrial and tourism sectors.


Jiani Lai

BD Specialist, GHNN, Informa Exhibitions
Introduction of Supplyside West

Working as the business development specialist for Informa GHNN SupplySide brand, Jiani Lai brings 15 years of experience as an International Business Liaison, specializing in International Sales, with a bilingual, multi-cultural business background. Since joining the SupplySide U.S. team, she has grown sales in her territory substantially. She is excited to share the successful journey of SupplySide West and assist in making SupplySide China the leading destination for the exploration, discovery, innovation and market strategy in the Health and Nutrition Industry in China.

作为英富曼会展集团营养健康领域的业务发展专员,赖佳妮女士把自己在国际商务领域15年的工作经验与她多元化的语言和文化背景相结合,投入到了SupplySide 的国际销售和业务拓展中。自加入SupplySide 的美国团队以后,她所负责的市场区域的业务销售在短时期内得到了显著的发展和提高。赖佳妮女士将分享SupplySide West的成功历程,同时参与协助把SupplySide China发展成中国营养和健康产业内融汇探索,开发,创新和市场战略为一体的最具领导地位的目标展会。

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