SupplySide China 2018

June 28-30, 2018 • Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China

SupplySide China 2018 Functional Heath & Nutrition Food Innovation Summit

Day 1,  Thursday   28 June   2018

*Meeting Room 4, Level C, Conference Building

13:00: Beauty Foods and Anti-aging

China has a long history of achieving beauty through the combination of inner health and outer nutrition. As an extension of cosmetics, beauty foods serve the market demand for beauty and skin health, and have great appeal to female consumers. The Beauty Foods Technology Forum will address questions concerning the innovative technology in beauty foods in the traditional literature?

*Meeting Room 5, Level C, Conference Building

13:00: Health Industry Finance and Investment Forum, SupplySide China (Organized by Consultation Committee of China Health Care Association, SupplySide China)

• Case Studies
• International Cooperation

Day 2, Friday 29 June 2018

*Meeting Room 2, Level C, Conference Building

09:00: Sports Nutrition 

The sports nutrition market has special considerations when it comes to ingredients and products. What are the sourcing considerations with certain popular sports nutrition ingredients, relative to quality, adulteration and other legalities? What are the pro’s and con’s of targeting “hardcore” athletes vs. weekend warriors? What about competitive athletes? Some ingredients popular in this segment may be legal for sale as dietary supplements but might be banned by certain athletic governing bodies, including professional leagues and Olympic and amateur competitions. Further, what might be acceptable in the bodybuilding and workout consumer segment might be shunned by competitive athletes or casual “fitness” consumers. What is the value of banned substance testing and certifications, and what is involved in undergoing these programs?

Lunch break
13:00: Digestive Health

The international coverage around the micorbiome is driving innovative research and consumer interest in digestive and gut health. Scientists are uncovering how the digestive system is not only the entry for nutrition, but houses the majority of the immune system and serve as a “second brain”-operating independently and affecting cognition and mood. Currently, the digestive health food market is underdeveloped and mainly targeted at infants, offering great whitespace opportunities. Join our experts from the product development and clinical applications perspectives to learn how to develop digestive health products for target demographics; how to identify appropriated health application; and how digestive health is connected to anti-aging products.

Day 3, Saturday 30 June 2018

*Meeting Room 2, Level C, Conference Building

09:00: Special Food and Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP)

With the release of related regulations and laws, FSMP has a very promising future in China. However, given the high access barrier posed by strict formula registration and supervision measures and government management policies, this multi-billion markets is still in its infancy. While expecting much from the FSMP market, food enterprises are still doubtful: what types of FSMP are there? What are their differences to health food and medicine? How to develop FSMP for clinical purposes? The forum will invite related experts to give their answers.

Lunch break
13:00: The Latest Food Industry Laws and Regulations

To promote the development of market and economy, the Chinese government is taking stronger supervisional measures on functional foods, health supplements, nutrition foods and FSMPs. It has developed standards for their production and marketing, while at the same time speeded up the approval procedure of imported and domestic products. Applications for “blue caps” and “orange caps” are also accelerated and registration procedures simplified. As a result, the booming of the market for health foods, FSMPs and nutritional supplements can be easily expected.

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